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About i3 Indya Technology

i3 Indya Technology is a leading provider of High Quality TELECOM Services and offers Embedded System Development programs. Employing latest advanced software technologies and innovations, Company offers a variety of products and solutions that allow individuals and businesses around the world to start a telecom and embedded system business or to expand an existing one. Company harnesses the unique combinations of Telecom & Embedded system expertise which culminated in evolution of many unique techniques to focus on extended development centre and turn-key projects.

Its vision of achieving performance excellence and creating standards is pushing the limits each time and paving way for more exciting things across the nation.

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The present projects underway in North zone of India. Telecom, Embedded system & Software development, it is moving in the right direction to capture the Indian market.

With the promise shown already, i3 Indya Technology is sure of joining some big names in the market in its pursuit of excellence in the near future.

We are customer focused organization. In order to achieve higher levels of efficiency, we have removed conventional layers of management, and designed a non-hierarchal system, which lays emphasis on empowered teams.


Company is registered with MTS Teleservices Ltd. as a sub vendor.
Company is registered with TATA Teleservices Ltd. as a sub vendor.
Human Resource Development
i3 Indya Technology follows a Human Resource Development program, which caters to:

» Tracking, monitoring & improvement skill levels of the employees.gement of training programs.

» Ensuring the safety and health concerns of all employees.

This Centre is responsible for knowledge transfer across project teams. After completion of each project, the experiences are presented through documents and interactive sessions. This Center also collects and maintains project data for ready reference and use. The necessary technical literatures are available with our Learning Centre.

Radio Frequency Engineering Services
» Radio Frequency Engineering Services. » RF Survey & Nominal Cell Planning. » RF Network Planning and Designing. » Drive Test & Network Optimization. » RF Network KPI analysis and Post-processing. » Comparative Drive Test for Network Benchmarking. » Microwave LOS Survey and Link Engineering. » Microwave Network Planning. » Telecom Cell Sites Maintenance. » Professional Services. » RF performance and optimization. » RF site survey and planning. » Installation and commissioning of telecom network. » Transmission media planning(Microwave, Fiber). » Experience Man power is provided. » EMF Testing.
Embedded System
Implementation of Advanced Technologies like:
» Intel's 8051 family
» Atmel's 89 series
Expertise on various software tools
» Keil compiler
» Assembly Language
» embedded C
» Micro C
Embedded Products
» 89Sxx In-Circuit Serial Programmer
» Programmer for Atmel89C51/52/55/89S51/52
» Token display system
Various R & D Projects based on
» Microcontroller unit(MCU)
» PC
» Biomedical
» Wireless IR/RF
» Speech processing
» Image Processing
» various Displays
Our Strengths
Human Resources
» Skilled Manpower available for various projects.
Testing & Design
We are well equipped with highly experienced Engineers / Technicians and all necessary tools, test equipment for execution of various projects and to name some of them are:
» RF Network Planning Tools
» Site Masters
» RF Air-Interface test Tools